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Our story

Every business has a beginning, Stayfatandlazy.com was just a comment I made with one of my brothers and a good friend on a golf course. I couldn't stop coming up with funny stuff to just use that phrase. I told those guys then, ” You wait,. Y'all will see Stayfatandlazy.com” . Here we are !!

I started having some medical problems. Some things got serious and it basically took me out of the workforce. This is why I started Stayfatandlazy, I needed something that I could do from my home. I've been at this work thing for about 55 years.. I'm one of the lucky guys that found my mentor at a young age, and was able to work at the age of ten, paying taxes, the whole nine yards. I've made a lot of money,,, AND I've spent a lot of money too.

I am a Veteran of the US Navy, retired Air Traffic Controller, Retired Global Transportation Broker. My advice to anyone that wants it; If you just slow down, you can get a better look at the big picture, talk about your goals,, Think about what people need!! , and what they want !! what opportunities can you see,, or how can your passion lead to the creation of something new. ???